Batman v Superman: Batman Packs One Hell Of A Punch


Batman has a punch stronger than most heavyweight boxers in Batman v Superman

We all know Batman is a top-level fighter. But can he actually hurt someone like Superman with a simple punch? He’s called the Man of Steel for a reason after all. But then again, Batman is hardly a normal human, he’s the goddamn Batman, trained to the limits of human perfection. Short of Bane on Venom, there’s probably no human character in the DC universe who can match him in a physical manner.

Batman v Superman is due out on home video fairly soon, (especially on Digital Download) and one of the features listed in the Ultimate Edition is titled “The Might and Power of a Punch”, while this feature will probably go into how you make a punch feel super impactful on screen, the official Batman v Superman facebook account implied that the Dark Knight punches feel like getting hit by a battering ram, which would most likely at least stun Superman, whether he was affected by Kryptonite gas or not.

Of course, Superman can probably punch at far more massive a level, but for a human being that’s damn impressive. Of course, it’s not as impressive as a certain Russian boxer:

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The actual fight between Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman was certainly one of the few highlights of the film (even if it took forever to get there and then it was only about 10 minutes). “The Might And Power Of A Punch” is one of many special features included in the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman, which will also contain 30 minutes of extra footage not seen in the theatrical release of the film. The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman will be out on digital download on June 28th and out on Blu-Ray and DVD July 19th.