Batman v Superman: In The Shadow Of The Gods


In The Shadows Of The Gods focuses on the more normal people in both Batman and Superman’s lives from Batman v Superman

Superheroes usually need a normal human being to at least try and keep them anchored in real life. Batman has Alfred, Superman has Lois Lane, and so on. This idea is explored in the Batman v Superman featurette, In The Shadows Of The Gods, which explores the history of both Rhe Daily Planet’s top reporter and Bruce Wayne’s faithful mentor, servant and father figure. Honestly, if you are even a casual comic book fan, all of this is information you probably already know (well maybe not when these characters originally appeared but everything else is fairly boilerplate), but it  is still an entertaining way to kill a couple minutes of your time:

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Honestly I just hope this isn’t indicative of most of the special features on the actual Ultimate Edition, because then we are in for a bunch of filler material that doesn’t give us any real insight into the movie. I’m still annoyed that there is no commentary track of any kind, because I really want to see Zack Snyder or Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill (prefereably all three) talk about the movie and the decisions they made for it. The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman comes out on digital download tomorrow, June 28th with and extra half hour of additional footage that was cut from the theatrical release. Then on July 19th is the physical release of Batman v Superman on both Blu-Ray and DVD where various retailers have special exclusive editions. Which, if any version of Batman v Superman are you getting? Let us know in the comments and we here at Caped Crusades will have a review of the Ultimate Cut at latest not long after the Blu-Ray release is out.