Batman v Superman: Constructing The Batcave


Get a special look at how the Batcave was made for Batman v Superman

Even moreso than Wayne Manor, the Batcave is Bruce Wayne’s home, and a crucial part of any film involving the Caped Crusader, so of course it was going to be featured in Batman v Superman. But this Batcave is different than any before it, as not only is it no longer located beneath stately Wayne Manor (which is a burned out husk in Batman v Superman), it also reflects a Batman who has been around a long time, seen and done a lot, and has a lot of ghosts haunting him.

In the featurette Batman v Superman: Constructing the Batcave, Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos talks about what into the design and look of the Batcave for Batman v Superman:

"It’s very urban. Although you’re in a crazy cave, you never feel claustrophobic in here. If you look at the set, every structure is actually floating. There is a very low footprint on the cave. It’s maybe hanging but there is no big pillar that seems to be floating in the air."

And you can see this in the video yourself below:

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It’s a cool look at the Batcave, but this again brings my worry about the special features on the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman front and center. Each featurette will probably be at most a couple minutes long, not really giving us much real insight into the movie. It’ll be like 20-30 minutes total of special features. Which I’d honestly be more ok with if there was some sort of commentary from the stars, writers and or director on the film. Batman v Superman is out on Digital Download now, and will be out on Blu-Ray & DVD July 19th.