Warner Bros. TV Planning Massive Presence At SDCC


With some of the movie studios staying home from San Diego Comic-Con International, Warner Bros. Television is taking the opportunity to ramp up their presence like never before.

Over the last decade or more, San Diego Comic-Con International (or SDCC for short) had become the place for movie studios to show off their latest comic book and genre related projects to the masses. Hall H, where all the really big presentations take place, has taken on an almost legendary status among geeks and the lines to get in start forming days before the panels are scheduled to take place.

It is where Marvel Studios unveiled the cast for the first Avengers film, Fox showed the first trailer for Deadpool and Warner Bros. premiered the first footage of Suicide Squad.

However, times are changing.

20th Century Fox has already said they are skipping the bulk of SDCC because of piracy concerns. Marvel has scaled back in recent years as they have chosen instead run their own events to announce new projects and Lucasfilm does all their big reveals at Star Wars Celebration.

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As a result, this has left SDCC in a bit of a state of flux. With the all the major players in movies leaving, what will be left to get attendees excited about going to SDCC?

It looks like Warner Bros. Television has you covered.

They are using the opportunity to fill the vacuum and increase their presence at SDCC like never before. Panels, screenings of complete pilot episodes of new series as well as Q&As with the producers and stars of all their major shows are on the docket for the convention.

Warner Bros. Television has released a press release via ksiteTV.com that details everything they have planned for SDCC, which is a whole lot. Fans of any of the various DC television shows are going to have a hard time not finding something to keep them entertained.

It all starts with Preview Night on Wednesday, which will see the world premier of the pilots for Powerless and Riverdale as well a new episode of Teen Titans Go! and the debut of the animated Justice League Action.

From there the entire weekend will be filled with Q&As and panel discussions for almost every series Warner Bros. Television produces with the highlight for DC fans being Saturday.

Saturday starts with panels discussing Lucifer and Gotham before launching into four hours covering all four DC shows on The CW – Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash and Arrow and then finishing up with the new Archie series Riverdale.

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And if all that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. plans to have a monstrous 2,400-square foot, multi-level booth with enough swag and must-see displays to send any DC fanboy or girl into frenzy mode.

Sounds like fans are going to have plenty to keep them busy and I’m not jealous at all that I won’t be there.

San Diego Comic-Con International runs from July 20 through July 24.