J.K. Simmons Was Not Bulking Up For Justice League


J.K. Simmons is just always this buff, it’s not just for Justice League

J.K. Simmons got some notice a little while ago for being the most buff 60-year old most people have ever seen. He’ll certainly be the most muscled on-screen Jim Gordon in cinematic history when Justice League hits theaters next year. This led to some speculation that we might actually see Jim Gordon have a big action scene in the movie (or at least in a future Batman solo film down the line), but it turns out that working out like this is just a regular thing J.K. Simmons does, and has done since his role on the hit HBO prison drama Oz:

"This is all coincidental. After the second and final time that I got hugely fat in my life and when I lost that weight six or seven years ago, I pretty much decided that I was going to stay in decent shape for the rest of my life.I was not in good shape at all. I was overweight and soft and here I am playing the head of the Aryan Brotherhood in this maximum-security prison in the first-ever HBO original drama and I was watching the first season when it came out and I just thought, ‘Wow, I don’t believe this guy at all. I have to get my a– to the gym and be a believable hard-a–.’"

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So yeah, J.K. Simmons puts us all to shame, I’m nearly half his age and not nearly in that good shape. Simmons did promise that Gordon will be a Gordon fans recognize in Justice League, so odds are you won’t see him doing a bunch of insane stunts or anything. Justice League is currently filming and is due in theaters November 17th 2017.

h/t Comicbook.com