LEGO Batman Movie One Big Easter Egg


The LEGO Batman Movie will be touching on pretty much all eras and aspects of Batman

We don’t know when we are getting a solo Batman movie with Ben Affleck, but the LEGO Batman Movie is coming out way next year, and it should be an incredibly fun experience (seriously, if you haven’t seen the LEGO Movie yet, check it out, it’s one of the funniest films of the last few years). And while Phil Lord & Chris Miller could just make a movie starring Batman that doesn’t really touch on his long history and probably still be pretty funny, that is not in fact what they are doing.

In a brief interview with Collider, Lord & Miller stated that the LEGO Batman Movie will in fact basically be one long Easter Egg of a movie, filled with references and touching on pretty much all of Batman’s history, from his very beginning up to the recent Batman v Superman film. They noted that the director of the film, Chris McKay is a huge Batman nut, and definitely knows the kind of obscure references and deep cuts Batman aficionados will get and appreciate, so there will likely be plenty of those in the film.

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Now granted, I’m sure there will be plenty of broad comedy for a wider audience as well, after all this is a family movie. But it’s nice that the LEGO Batman Movie isn’t just another dumb kids movie no one over the age of 6 will enjoy. Though if you saw The LEGO Movie, that shouldn’t really surprise you, In fact, that’s probably the one thing The LEGO Batman Movie has working against it, The LEGO Movie surprised everyone, and now we expect this next movie to be equally if not more awesome. But I think the team is totally up to it. The LEGO Batman Movie comes out in theaters February 10th, 2017.