Suicide Squad Wins Box Office For Third Week

Suicide Squad holds on to top spot for third week, but likely won’t top Guardians of The Galaxy

Suicide Squad may be a sign of the improving fortunes of DC films. Both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman started strong, but faltered big in their second week before getting knocked off the top spot in their third by pretty mediocre competition (i.e. The Boss). But despite having a similar trend of faltering box office in the weekends following its opening, Suicide Squad managed to remain #1 at the box office for the third week in a row.

And honestly, with pretty weak competition next week as well, that might well continue for another week. This makes Suicide Squad an unqualified success, critics be damned, right? Well, again there’s this thing of expectations and legs. Something that zoomed right past the previous record-holder in it’s opening weekend, and is reportedly continuing to break records, should easily be the new August box office king, right? Well, at the rate Suicide Squad is going (and sorry folks, it’s only more downhill from here), despite massively outgrossing Guardians Of The Galaxy’s opening weekend, it can’t possibly actually outgross it’s final box office tally.

So when all is said and done, Suicide Squad will probably take place as the second top-grossing August movie. And Will Smith’s 2nd top-grossing film only behind Independence Day. So certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But this movie should’ve easily taken the top spot. And it still will most likely fall short of the reported $750-$800 million it needs to make just to brake even, much like Batman v Superman. This pattern literally can’t continue. It’s not sustainable. If Wonder Woman & especially Justice League follow similar patterns, something drastic might have to happen with DC films in general.

h/t Forbes