Suicide Squad Cast Talks Deleted Scenes

More deleted scenes for Suicide Squad are revealed by cast members

No matter what you think of Suicide Squad, it’s pretty evident that there’s plenty missing from the theatrical cut. Jared Leto has gone into detail repeatedly about how he had many scenes that would’ve changed his involvement in the film & his relationship was portrayed with Harley Quinn.

But Jared Leto wasn’t the only one who had scenes on the cutting room floor. It actually seems like every cast member of Suicide Squad had some scenes they really liked that were left out of the film or at least heavily edited. Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang in the movie, talked about one scene in particular:

There’s a bit where I said something to Killer Croc and he like swatted me, and I got thrown into a huge stack of plastic containers. It was cool.

Margot Robbie also had a much longer dance sequence in the club scene with the Joker, apparently. Check out the cast describing these deleted scenes from Suicide Squad below:

It’s easy to get upset about all these scenes that weren’t in the final cut of Suicide Squad. They sound like they fill in a lot of plot holes, give the characters more to do and even change to the tone of the film.

But that’s an easy assumption to make without actually seeing them. Lots of scenes get cut from every movie. Some for time, some because they are redundant, etc. There’s really no way to tell that without someone  actually cutting them back into the film. Will we see any of these deleted scenes when Suicide Squad comes to home video? Probably. But I wonder if that will solve anything. It certainly didn’t for Batman v Superman….