Top 10 Comic Books For 2016

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Honorable Mentions

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Adventures In Crime #1

Set in 1939, it mingles fact and fiction along with the mob and Golden Age comic history. Jack Levi tries to sell his great new pitch to a major publisher, but has the gall to ask for equal ownership and rights. He quickly finds himself running afoul of a lovely singer and mafia drama. One to watch out for!

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Hockey Karma

Up next is Hockey Karma from Howard Shapiro, Andres Moss, of Animal Group. The last in his trilogy of “Forever Friends” graphic novels (which I will totally review next year), this tells the tale of Jeremiah “Jake” Jacobson and his manager/pal, Tom Leonard. With Jake nearing the end of his career, how do he and Tom handle the next phase of life? The first hockey comic, and the best.

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James Bond #4–12

Agent 007’s adventures translated excellently to a new medium thanks to these two talents. He’s taken on cyborg tycoons and disfigured soldiers this year in two amazing arcs. And who can forget Sink #1 by John Lees, Alex Cormack, of ComixTribe? Allan has a trip through Glasgow that he’ll never forget! Meet Mr. Dig and get in the van, if you dare! Another great horror series to come by Lees!

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Starbrand and Nightmask #2–6

This is easily the “sleeper” of the list in many ways. Published by Marvel Comics and written by Greg Weisman (of Gargoyles, Young Justice, and Star Wars: Rebels fame), it should’ve been big. Featuring art by Dominike Stanton and Daniele Di Nicuolo, it features the two title heroes juggling being cosmic superheroes and Empire State University freshmen. Effortlessly establishing a diverse cast and villains, they face dorm parties, space threats, and orientation. Grab the trade!

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With that out of the way, it’s time to deal with the top 10 of 2016 list properly. It wasn’t easy putting this list together, even with five honorable mentions! After much calculation and hair pulling, these are the best ten comics out there for the year. It’s a proper mix of superheroes, franchise titles, and independents. And at least one surprising crossover!