Ben Affleck’s Batman To Shoot In Los Angeles?


The Batman solo movie will probably be shot at Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles

A lot is up in the air about the solo Batman film starring Ben Affleck. Maybe it has a finished script, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it has a director, Ben Affleck, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it starts filming this year, maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe it’s set to film in Los Angeles though? That’s the latest word from the Batman On Film podcast. On the podcast they claimed that the majority of the Caped Crusader’s solo outing would be filmed in L.A., most likely at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.

This is in comparison to films like the upcoming Justice League movie coming out this November which have shot on location in multiple places around the world such as London and Alaska. Also Wonder Woman, which is out this May, shot in Italy and the U.K.

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This actually isn’t a big surprise, especially compared to films like Wonder Woman and Justice League. Those are epic, globe-spanning adventures. You can’t necessarily get that feeling shooting in a studio backlot in L.A. A Batman movie will likely take place in the confines of his home of Gotham, so it’s a much smaller more personal and intimate setting. And I think the look of Gotham can be pretty easily achieved with digital effects.

While this is still a rumor it seems like a likely one, so this also bolsters my suspicions that while Ben Affleck may be taking his sweet time to make sure his Batman movie is to his satisfaction before filming even begins, Warner Bros. probably has a film crew on standby, reading to start production the second the movie is officially a go in order to fast track it and hopefully get it out in 2018.

h/t MSN