The Goldbergs Will Have Batman ’89 Episode Directed By Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith will direct an episode of the ABC hit sitcom The Goldbergs that focuses on the excitement surrounding the 1989 release of Tim Burton’s Batman

The Goldbergs is a sitcom steeped in 80s nostalgia. And I certainly think one of the pop culture touchstones of the 80s was Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. The Goldbergs will have an episode focused all around that movie and it’s release later this Spring, and it will be directed by one of the biggest Batman fans on the planet, Kevin Smith. You know, the guy who has a podcast ostensibly dedicated to Batman (though he talks more about pop culture in general on it, but it’s a great podcast) and crammed nearly all of his early movies with tons of Batman references. He even wrote a limited-series Batman comic.

What I’m saying is Kevin Smith knows his Batman, so he seems like the perfect choice for a job like this, which he talked to IGN about:

"I grew up watching the Adam West Batman and I was in a sold out movie theater for Tim Burton’s Batman on opening day, June 23rd, 1989, so I can’t wait to recreate those early eras of Bat-amania in the Goldbergs Universe.Luckily, the funny folks in front of and behind the cameras who make this hysterical show every week will be doing all the heavy lifting in our time travel experiment."

The Goldbergs Executive Producer & creator Adam Goldberg, who based the show on his childhood in the 80s, admitted he had a hard time not being a complete fanboy around Kevin Smith:

"The hardest thing about having Kevin Smith direct an episode of The Goldbergs is playing it cool and not acting like a weirdo geek super fan. I’ve waited in long lines to have him sign my Bluntman comics, I’ve collected his Clerks action figures, I’ve forced my writers to watch clips of his speaking engagements and I shoe-horned in a part for him in my screenplay for Fanboys just so I could meet the guy. I even STAYED in Hall H at Comic-Con when J.J. Abrams escorted thousands of people to a Star Wars concert.Goldberg went on to say, “This bearded hockey jersey wearing dude has been a hero of mine since I was at NYU film school. His movies have been a huge bonding point with my brother Barry and we’ve had entire conversations where we’ll quote Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. There is no better person out there to help bring our Burton’s Batman episode to life. Truly."

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I admit I gave this show a chance during its first season and it didn’t seem very funny, but I’ve heard it has improved a lot since that initial season. The Kevin Smith-directed episode will air sometime this Spring and you can catch current episodes of The Goldbergs Wednesdays on ABC.