New Powerless Promo Shows A Completely Different Show


Powerless Now Looks like a very different show than what the original premise implied

Lots of new superhero-based shows are coming our way in 2017. One of the first isn’t actually about superheroes though, it’s about ordinary everyday citizens and how they deal with living in a world full of superheroes. It’s actually not that fun. Powerless is about a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises (yes, THAT Wayne Enterprises owned by Bruce Wayne aka Batman), Wayne Security that develops technology to keep ordinary every day people safe from being little more than collateral damage in the latest superhero brawl.

If you’ll remember, this premise is a completely different one from when the show was first being shown at San Diego Comic Con last year. Then it was about an insurance company that helped people rebuild their lives after superhero battles ruined their car, business, home, etc. Alan Tudyk was supposed to be a jerk of a boss that wanted a massive increase in denials. That same format can’t work if you change from an insurance company to a security company, and as this new promo shows, Powerless now looks like a very different show from what you may have previously seen:

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I don’t want to get my hopes up, but this promo looks a lot more promising than the original one. It almost looks like a comics-inspired take on the incredibly brilliant but very short-lived Better Off Ted (which if you haven’t seen you need to watch). I’m kind of wary of sitcoms on NBC at this point but this does have a super-talented cast. Will we see Bruce Wayne/Batman since it is a Wayne Enterprises company? My guess is it’ll be like Superman in the first season of Supergirl. He might be referenced here and there, maybe even a phone call or email/text, but you won’t actually see him on the show. Powerless debuts Thursday, February 2nd on NBC.

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