Gotham: Cameron Monaghan Teases New Arc


Gotham’s proto-Joker Jerome Valeska teases his own return with a very specific picture

Jerome Valeska returns to Gotham in 2017. This we know. What we don’t really know is when and how.

All indication is that Jerome is currently dead (meaning he wasn’t resurrected in Indian Hill and was one of the escapees at the end of season 2). But there has been a cult that has grown around his legacy. You can see one of his followers in the featured pic below. This is a group of people who just don’t worship Jerome, but are trying to bring him back from the dead. And it seems like they will succeed. In pretty short order perhaps, if an Instagram post from Cameron Monaghan is any indication. Check it out below:

SO that is a VERY specific picture. It implies that Jerome escapes in a GCPD police car, running over some hapless policeman in the process. But that picture is from a set that was released for episode 13, “Smile Like You Mean It”, so that’s implying that Jerome will return in episode 13. Most likely at the very end of the episode, since it focuses on his acolytes trying to raise him from the dead.

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I can totally imagine that being the end of episode 13, leading into episode 14, which once again is right before Gotham will go a very lengthy break due to 24: Legacy taking over it’s time slot for a few months. Even though he’ll return by episode 14, Jerome may be used very sparingly until season 4 because this part of season 3 is mostly to set the groundwork for him to make his return as a major part of season 4. Gotham returns on Fox January 16th!