The Art Of DC Comics Bombshells From Thinkgeek!


This Art Of DC Comics Bombshells from Thinkgeek deserves a spot on your coffee table!

DC Bombshells started off as a series of pin-ups. The women of DC as seen in a 1940s style by artist Ant Lucia. From there they became a series of statuettes and have blossomed into a full comic bolstered by even more merchandise.

So one of the most ideal pieces of merchandise for this series would be an art book featuring the Bombshells themselves, and that’s exactly what you can find at Thinkgeek. Here’s the official description of the book from the website:

"These ladies are blowing upStraight outta the Second World War, DC’s Bombshells are taking over! It started as a straightforward concept: What would the ladies of DC Comics look like, reimagined in the retro style of 1940s pinup art? Wonder Woman as Rosie the Riveter! Black Canary as a crooner! Hawkgirl with a jetpack! We can’t get enough of these powerhouse gals, from statues to comics to clothing – and now we can add “coffee table book” to the ever-expanding list!Witness the creative process that brought each Bombshell to life, with never-before-seen artwork, preliminary designs, and commentary from the artists themselves, including dynamo illustrator Ant Lucia. The creative forces behind the Bombshells imbue each reinvention with power, playfulness, and personality, proving that these ladies are iconic in any time period (or alt-history timeline). Whether you’re already a fan and collector or you’re new to the entire Bombshells mythos, this book has something fresh for you. Also it’ll really spruce up your coffee table. Seriously, you should maybe think about using coasters…"

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I think any fan of comics or art would be very appreciative of the Art Of Dc Comics Bombshells book, and it certainly is more interesting than most books you’d see on a coffee table…