The Art Of Editing And Suicide Squad


Just how bad was the editing in Suicide Squad? Let Folding Ideas show you just how bad…

I’ll be on record as saying I enjoyed Suicide Squad overall. It had some fun moments and several really fun performances. But this in spite of the nothing plot, terrible villain, bad clichés all over, and arguably most importantly, the scattershot editing.

I think we all have a rough idea of what editing is and how it can affect a movie. And that was pretty apparent in Suicide Squad, even if you watched the “extended cut” which added 13 completely meaningless minutes of footage. Storylines were dropped completely, characters had reactions to things that may not even have happened, and characters who had much larger roles were cut down to almost nothing.

We know the editing in Suicide Squad is pretty bad, but to get an idea of just how bad, take a look at Folding Ideas explanation of how and why this movie completely fails at both types of editing. Everything from failing the basic idea of setting up a device (i.e. Captain Boomerang’s Pink Unicorn) for later payoff and how they ruin the one good constant theme they had going throughout the film and more. It’s a kind of lengthy watch at nearly 35 minutes, but as someone who’s knowledge of film editing is pretty novice, I found it really fascinating. Check it out below:

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I like that the video establishes almost immediately that while it’s easy to blame studio interference for the end results of movies like Suicide Squad (or Batman v Superman or Fan4astic), more often than not they are desperately trying to save a mess of a film, so don’t immediately assume that whatever the original cut was is some hidden masterpiece the studio is determined to keep under wraps. Hopefully similar editing problems won’t be present in Wonder Woman or Justice League, but at this point who knows…