Batman v Superman Is Up For So Many Razzies…


Batman v Superman may win a lot of awards, just not the type you brag about…

The Razzies celebrate (?) the worst cinema released in theaters every year. They have released their annual list of the worst movies in theaters for the last year, and I think to no one’s surprise, Batman v Superman leads the pack.

Granted, this isn’t an official nomination. These are possible nominations for each category in the Razzies. These lists are sent out to voters who vote for 5 choices in each category and then the official nominations will be announced on January 23rd.

Batman v Superman is nominated for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off Or Sequel, Worst Screenplay and Worst Picture. Singled out are Jesse Eisenberg for Worst Supporting Actor, Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill for their roles of Batman & Superman respectively for Worst Actor, and of course Zack Snyder for Worst Director. Only Gal Godot & Amy Adams were spared as they weren’t nominated in either the Worst Supporting Actress or Worst Actress.

And in case you think Suicide Squad was spared, it was also nominated for Worst Screenplay & Worst Movie, Jared Leto is singled out for his 8-minute performance as the Joker for Worst Supporting Actor. Will Smith was nominated for Worst Actor for his role as Deadshot in the movie. Director David Ayer was spared a Worst Director nomination, but possibly because arguably he barely directed the final result that ended up in theaters…

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Again, these aren’t the final nominations, but it’s hard to see Batman v Superman not being a serious contender for most of these categories. The only category I’d contend with is Worst Actor. Generally speaking, Ben Affleck was very well-received for his performance as Batman. It’s considered one of the few highlights of the film. And Cavill acted his part fine, it’s just not what you have Superman do. And I think they are even more off the mark for Suicide Squad, both Smith and Robbie got high praise for their work in the film.  I guess we’ll see who ultimately makes the cut when the official Razzie nominations are announced January 23rd and the “winners” announced February 25th.

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