No New Justice League Trailer Until Spring?


Don’t expect to see any new Justice League trailers for at least several months

Justice League had one hell of a trailer debut at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. Despite the disappointment of previous DCEU efforts, this still seems like a movie we hope can be awesome. Maybe even the beginning of DC movies getting on the right track. It is really the first one made explicitly under the reign of Geoff Johns as co-head of DC films after all.

But after that one trailer, we haven’t seen anything else. There’s been some articles and interviews, but no new footage. There was definitely a lot of rumors about a new trailer dropping sometime between Christmas Day and New Year’s. But here we are sometime after that and no new trailer has dropped.

And it may be quite awhile before we see another trailer, according to Umberto Gonzalez, known for having lots of scoops for upcoming Hollywood projects:

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While not a confirmation of anything, this does make a lot of sense. After all, we still have just over 10 months until Justice League is out in theaters. And Warner Bros. might want to be very cautious about what they show and how much and how often. Batman v Superman trailers showed far too much of the film and pretty much spoiled the ending. Trailers for Suicide Squad showed a very different film from what was actually released in theaters.

Spring makes even more sense when you consider that Wonder Woman, the first huge blockbuster superhero movie for DC of this year, comes out June 2nd. Which is still Spring, albeit on the tail end of the season. It would actually make pretty good sense to debut a new trailer right with Wonder Woman, and the start having a blow out the following month at this year’s San Diego Comic Con leading up to the release of the Justice League movie which is November 17th.

h/t Screen Rant