Music Meister Coming To Flash & Supergirl


Batman: The Brave & The Bold villain Music Meister  will be the big bad of the Supergirl/Flash crossover musical episode airing later this year

We heard awhile ago that there would be a musical crossover episode between the series of Flash & Supergirl on the CW, but we hadn’t gotten much other news about it. Maybe the villain would be the Music Meister, a very musical villain featured on the Batman animated series the Brave & The Bold. Maybe Joss Whedon, who has directed some pretty awesome musical things (Buffy, Doctor Horrible) would be involved in some form. Maybe Neil Patrick Harris, who played the voice of Music Meister on the animated series and is has a very established musical theater background, would reprise the role for the episode.

Well we got an answer to one of those questions today, as it was announced that the villain for the Supergirl/Flash crossover musical episode would indeed be none other than the Music Meister. You can see the musical villain in action below:

As far as who would be playing the role, producer Greg Berlanti said they haven’t even started the casting process yet, but definitely hinted that Harris being in the role is something they are looking into. No word on who is directing the episode, but obviously if they could get Joss Whedon that would be amazing.

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Obviously there is no person more right for this role than Neil Patrick Harris, and not just because he voiced the role on an animated show. If you are familiar with Harris’ work at all you know he has incredible musical talent as he often showed on How I Met Your Mother, the Tony Awards, etc.

However we should all be aware that sometimes the stars don’t align that perfectly. If for some reason they can’t get Harris, might I suggest Matt Bomer? Or Maybe even Leslie Odom Jr.? I’m sure whoever they get it will be one amazing episode. Hopefully we’ll know more soon!

h/t IGN