Production On Batman Delayed, Justice League A Mess?


Production rumors continue to haunt the DCEU as Batman & Justice League are both rumored to be in trouble

Despite getting the DC movie train rolling and now several movies in with no sign of slowing down, rumors persist that basically everything in the DC movie universe is on fire. Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad suffered from plagued productions and poor reviews. Wonder Woman looks cool, but we’ve already heard rumors that it’s a complete trash fire as well. And now it seems those troubles have extended to Justice League & Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie as well.

These come to us courtesy of Batman-On-Film. According to what they claim is a longtime source, production on Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie has been delayed at least a couple of months. They were originally supposed to start shooting this Spring. Now it’s sometime in the Summer at the earliest. That might put a 2018 release for the Dark Knight’s solo outing in Jeopardy.

The site also claims it’s hearing Justice League, which has wrapped filming and is coming out in November probably regardless of what shape it is in, is a complete mess.

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It’s hard to say how much legitimacy there is to these rumors. We have long heard that Justice League has been at best a troubled production. With Zack Snyder reportedly on a very tight leash and being under pressure to deliver some surefire hit he probably wouldn’t be capable of even under the most ideal circumstances. As far as the solo Batman movie goes, a delay in production isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means they are determined not to rush it. It would also lend more credence to the idea that Warner Bros. pushed Justice League 2 back in order to give a wide range of when the Caped Crusader’s solo movie could release. Hopefully the rumors om Justice League are just rumors, because if that bombs hard, we may not get to a Batman film…