New Justice League Photo Has Someone Missing


New Justice League photo shows all but one member of the team…

In about 10 months, we will see the Justice League on the big screen for the firs time ever. It’s the first time you’ll see DC’s best heroes on a theater screen. Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg. And maybe Superman?

I’m joking of course. Superman is in the film. Despite having died in Batman v Superman, it’s well established that he’ll come back to life for Justice League. Henry Cavill even sent out gifts to the crew to celebrate wrapping up filming of the movie. That doesn’t change the fact that everybody involved in the movie has been super quiet at even hinting about how and when the Man of Steel will return. He hasn’t been in any footage shown yet, and odds are it will stay that way.

And now this new photo of the League assembled has been making the rounds today. Nobody seems to know the source of the picture, but presumably it’s from some magazine. Whatever point this picture is at in the film, Superman still isn’t back from the dead though, as he’s notably absent.

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This again highlights a huge problem that Justice League is going to have to address though. The fact that Superman is dead and the film will have to waste time resurrecting him.

I’m going to make a guess that the League as is tries and fails to thwart Steppenwolf and realizes they need Superman. Otherwise not much point in bringing him back. Batman comes up with some crazy plan to resurrect him (possibly involving a Mother Box because they are just weird items with no set rules) and bam, reborn Man of Steel. If they were smart he’d just power out of his grave in the first 10 minutes of the movie and be like “miss me?”. Hopefully it won’t be too much a negative because Justice League needs to hit it out of the park so bad right now. We’ll find out when it comes to theaters November 17th.

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