New Justice League Dark Clip: Batman Is An Idiot


Batman is in denial beyond all reason in this new Justice League Dark clip

Batman is the world’s greatest detective. You think that would mean he doesn’t discount any explanation out of hand. But in this clip from Justice League Dark, he’s being the most extreme in-denial to the point of pure idiocy I’ve ever seen. The plain old regular Justice League is looking at footage of everyday regular citizens going nuts and having no real explanation for it. It’s happening on a global scale. Wonder Woman suggests a supernatural element is behind it.

Instead of even considering it, Batman pretty much thinks that’s not possible. You know, despite fighting supernatural enemies on a regular basis. Check out the clip from Justice League Dark below for yourselves:

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I’m not saying Batman can’t be skeptical. But he’s in denial that this is even a possibility. Someone with the cold logical approach Batman has, who has dealt with magic & supernatural beings on a regular basis, should not be so quick to dismiss the idea. Maybe it’s just that he wants to rule out all other possibilities because he’s not a big fan of the supernatural.

That’s fine, but then he should express that (that is more poor writing than anything else in this case then). He’s the one who knows John Constantine and the rest of the JL Dark and gets them involved. It’s just bad writing and I can already see the bad plot structure happening from there. Given the shoehorning in of the Justice League of a movie they at best need to be minimally involved and clips like this, I’m not super hyped for this movie right now. Let’s hope I’m wrong. We’ll find out when Justice League Dark comes out on Digital formats January 24th and on Blu-Ray & DVD February 7th.