Gotham: Raymond J. Barry Cast As The Shaman


Raymond J. Barry will play a mentor to young Bruce Wayne on Gotham, but he’s also hiding a dark secret…

The Shaman is coming to Gotham later this season. Who is the Shaman? We don’t really know, but the character’s description has a ton of possibilities. Here’s the description of the character from Deadline, who will be played by Raymond J. Barry (Justified, The 100):

"A mysterious figure who enters Bruce’s (Mazouz) life with the stated intention of unlocking the potential of his own mind. While the Shaman says the fate of Gotham depends upon Bruce becoming the man the city needs him to become, the truth behind his intentions proves to be far more sinister"

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So yeah, there are potentially a lot of different ways this could go. The Shaman isn’t a character in proper DC lore to my knowledge. There is a Batman story simply titled Batman: Shaman but that’s when Batman is Batman and is investigating a murder that ties into Native American mysticism. That doesn’t really sound like the same thing, so it’s unlikely they are adapting anything from that story.

There are many versions of Batman’s origin story where before becoming Batman Bruce Wayne was under the tutelage of many mentors, learning unique skills from each including physical combat and mental training.

The other theory going around is that The Shaman is in some way linked to Ra’s Al Ghul, and will be key to bringing him into the world of Gotham. This would make a lot of sense as it’s already established that the Shaman has some dark secret. Whatever that secret is, we will be waiting awhile to find out since the show returns this Monday but then after 3 episodes goes on a lengthy hiatus until April. But hey, who says you can’t learn some valuable stuff from a guy with a dark and deadly secret?