Gotham Returns Monday, But Has Another Lengthy Break…


The remainder of the third season of Gotham will be separated into two parts in 2017

Gotham returns this Monday with all new episodes. But only for a few short weeks. If you’ve been paying attention to scheduling, this isn’t exactly a huge surprise. Odds are you’ve at least seen ads for that new show, 24: Legacy and may have noticed that hey, it going to be in the same time slot that Gotham is now! So obviously the show is in for another lengthy break, but just when will it return?

Well after the next three episodes air, Gotham will be off the air until April 24th. So that’s basically another 3 month break. Executive Producer John Stephens talked about the break up of episodes back at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, but I think most people forgot about it by the time season 3 premiered:

"We’re doing eleven [episodes] in the Fall, then there’s three episodes in January, then the final run of seven or eight episodes in the Spring. [The three] is not a self-contained [series of] episodes, because it extends what we’re doing in the Fall, but it is an ended story, so we’ll arc it out."

It should be noted that these kind of breaks were things people complained about a lot the first season, and were mostly addressed in the second. But they seem to have gone back to this method for the third.

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I was prepared for this, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. I mean I know mid-season replacements have always been a thing, but 99% of them crash hard (and sorry, but is anybody going to watch 24 without Kiefer Sutherland no matter how good it is?). Plus there’s 6 other days in the week, dozens of other timeslots, an you know, the Summer, which all seem like a better fit for these kind of shows.

If Gotham does get renewed for a 4th season, which is likely, but not definite, I’d almost rather it premiere in early 2018 and just barrel through it’s 22ish episodes for the season. In the meantime, be sure to catch an all-new episode this Monday on Fox!

h/t Comicbook.Com