Harley Quinn Is Coming To Gotham


Harley Quinn will be a part of season 4 of Gotham

Gotham has brought a lot of classic Batman villains into it’s pre-Batman world. For a long time, it was rumored that Harley Quinn would be coming to the show. It was even theorized that Barbara Kean, Jim Gordon’s former fiancé would possibly become Harley Quinn.

That doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case, but during this week’s Television Critics’ Association press tour, executive producer John Stephens indeed confirmed that Harley Quinn is definitely coming to season, with a possible tease for the character in the last episode of season 3:

"We might see that in episode 22. We’re building that as a launching point of next year. It’s either going to be in 401 or 322. Most likely it’ll be in 322 to tease."

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So is Stephens confirming that Gotham has been renewed for season 4? It hasn’t been made official yet to my knowledge, but if they are making plans for next season the odds are pretty high.

There are a lot of directions they could go with this character. The easiest might be introducing a young Harleen Quinzel, possibly even as a teenager. We don’t really meet her until she is a promising young psychiatrist who comes to Arkham Asylum to specifically analyze the Joker in most versions of her origin. There’s a lot about her past we don’t really know, so that could be something interesting to delve into.

However the most likely version we are getting is someone who is going to be Jerome Valeska’s Harley Quinn, whether in name or spirit. He is supposed to be a major part of season 4 as well, so it just makes sense that yes he will basically be the Joker (again if not in name in spirit) and he will have a Harley Quinn at his side.

But would it be Barbara Kean? I would hope not as Harley at the very least is supposed to be young and impressionable, hence why she’s manipulated by the Joker so easily. Gotham is essentially an Elseworlds deal at this point IMHO so if they want to play around with Harley’s origin that’s mostly fine by me. Guess we’ll see what happens with her in season 4…

h/t Screener TV