Darkseid A Pre-Order Bonus For Injustice 2?


A pulled pre-order screen for Injustice 2 indicates that Darkseid will be a pre-order bonus character for the game

Darkseid is one of the biggest villains in the DC universe. But he wasn’t in the original Injustice game for consoles. I mean, why do you need him when you already have an evil Superman? He was part of the roster for the mobile version of the game however. Does that mean he was a lock for Injustice 2? Not necessarily, but a recent pre-order screen indicates that he’s available as a pre-order bonus.

Simply put, an Injustice 2 pre-order screen stated that you would get the ruler of Apokolips for the game if you pre-ordered through the digital store. This has since been pulled, but of course nothing ever disappears in the age of the internet. You can see the screen for yourself below:

Now, there is no indication if this pre-order bonus is one everybody gets, a digital exclusive, or even a PS4 exclusive character since the screen taken was from a PlayStation 4. Injustice 2 could get real weird with pre-order characters exclusive to certain stores. Certainly hope it doesn’t but it’s possible. Either way, since Darkseid is just a pre-order bonus he likely won’t be part of the story of the game. In most fighting games this may not matter, but the story in the original Injustice was one of many really positive aspects of the game, so I hope that high quality continues in the sequel.

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NetherRealm Studios has promised a big reveal for Injustice 2 this Tuesday, January 17th. The reveal of Darkseid as a pre-order bonus and probably several other roster reveals were likely being held back specifically for that.  Injustice 2 is coming out May 16th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile platforms.

h/t CBM