Gotham: Paul Reubens Returns In This Clip From ‘Ghosts’


Paul Reubens delivers a warning to Mayor Oswald Cobblepot in this new clip from Monday’s all new episode of Gotham, “Ghosts”!

If you’ve been keeping up with Gotham, you know that Paul Reubens, who played  Oswald Cobblepot’s father in the opening of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, played the Penguin’s father yet again on Gotham. The reunion between son and father was short-lived however, as Reubens character was poisoned by his own greedy and evil family only a couple of episodes later.

But now, as we are set to return to Gotham for a trio of all new episodes this Monday before another lengthy, the ghost of Elijah Van Dahl has come to give Oswald Cobblepot a vague warning about somebody who is not to be trusted. Check out the clip from this Monday’s episode, “Ghosts” below:

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Ok so I see a couple of possibilities here. Gotham doesn’t generally deal in ghosts, so this could easily be Oswald’s subconscious recognizing that something is off about his best friend and closest confidant Edward Nygma, and he shouldn’t trust him (but hey, maybe you shouldn’t have had his girlfriend killed…).

The second, much more interesting idea is in fact that this is actually Edward’s doing. The Riddler is a guy who thinks 30 steps ahead. If he making Oswald’s father appear to him through any number of means, it would be the first step in a lengthy plan to completely destroy the city’s mayor. Make him just completely crack under pressure.

I’m not saying this is even the likely outcome, but it’s the one that has far more reaching implications and be a scheme worthy of the man who will one day soon be The Riddler. Find out when an all-new episode of Gotham airs this Monday on Fox!