Gotham Promo Teases January Mayhem


New Gotham promo tells us what craziness to expect in the remaining January episodes

Gotham returned last night with an all-new episode. But we also only already have only two more episodes until it takes a very lengthy break and won’t be back until the Spring. But the episode last night really set the stage for the next two, where all these threads are going to unwind and believe it or not, Gotham will get crazier than it’s ever been.

In the span of two episodes, Jerome will return, Selina’s mom will cause major trouble not just for Selina, but for Bruce and Alfred as well, and Edward Nygma’s plan to destroy Mayor Oswald Cobblepot will come to fruition! David Mazouz, Morena Baccarin & Cory Michael Smith tease all that’s to come in these next two episodes:

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You know, it might have been nice if they had held back the Jerome return as a surprise. At least not talked about it. Like if you obsessively follow the show like we have to, you’d know about it anyways, but they’ve been talking about his return for almost a year now. It would’ve been cool to at least hold it back until last night’s episode so somebody would have been surprised.

This three-episode arc is mostly supposed to be focused on the return of Jerome, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the arcs about Selina’s mom and Edward destroying Oswald continue somewhat into when the show returns in the Spring. But some major revelations will be had on both of those ends to be sure. I know that Jerome will specifically target Bruce Wayne, we’ll see how he survives that ordeal. So enjoy these next two episodes and then be prepared to spend the next three months theorizing about what will happen next! Gotham is on Fox Mondays!