Justice League Dark: Bruce Wayne Shaves


Bruce Wayne can’t even get a normal shave in this new Justice League Dark Clip

Shaving should probably be one of the most mundane and normal activities you can do, right? It’s something most people do at least every couple of days if they don’t want to grow a beard. We know Batman shaves often, you rarely seen him without a very clean-shaven face. And hey, most of the time, it’s probably fine. But because in Justice League Dark there’s some supernatural funny business going on, even a normal thing like shaving suddenly becomes a harrowing experience.  Check out the new clip from Justice League Dark below:

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I presume this takes place after the clip we have previously been shown, where Batman dismisses the idea of a supernatural explanation for people going crazy across the globe out of hand despite consistently dealing with magical beings on a regular basis like he’s the world’s worst detective.

Someone is telling him to find John Constantine obviously, but who and why? Is it some benevolent spirits Hell, maybe it’s Constantine himself. It’d be one hell of an ad campaign. Honestly, someone like Batman, who knows everything about everyone before he even meets them, should probably already have a file on someone like John Constantine.

Stuff like this is why this movie is very worrying to me so far. It definitely seems like they are going to spend too long setting up the team in the first place, and the regular Justice League, who don’t need to be in the movie, are going to be shoehorned in more than they already are. Add that to the fact that the last animated DC film I actually liked was probably Justice League: War, which was the first of this new continuity of movies. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll find out when Justice League Dark comes out on digital formats January 24th and on Blu-Ray February 7th.