Justice League Dark: Etrigan Is Summoned


The demon Etrigan rises in this new clip from Justice League Dark

You know what would be a novel idea? A clip from Justice League Dark showing members of the team! Not Batman or the rest of the regular Justice League, just the people the movie is actually supposed to be about. Lo and behold, one has appeared, and it is easily the best clip I have seen thus far.

Jason Blood is a man well-versed in the dark arts. He’s pretty formidable on his own, but is also bound to a powerful demon named Etrigan. When summoned, Etrigan is a fierce, nearly unstoppable warrior. Who also speaks in rhyme. Because reasons. Doesn’t make him any less intimidating or formidable though. Check out the new clip from Justice League Dark below:

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So yeah, this is easily the most entertaining clip I’ve seen for this movie thus far. Etrigan looks great, the action is fun, and the demons trying to appeal to Etrigan because he’s also a demon As well as the demons disembodied heads threatening Constantine are really funny moments.

It is weird that Constantine seemed to prompt the summoning of Etrigan though. Usually Jason Blood can just summon him by reciting that incantation himself. Does Constantine need to be around to bring out Etrigan or are there some peculiar circumstances going on? Either way I think this is proof that this movie would be fine without the presence of Batman or any Justice League members. Hopefully they won’t get in the way too much. We’ll find out when Justice League Dark actually comes out, which is January 24th on digital formats and February 7th on Blu-Ray and DVD. Look for our review of the film around the time of the physical release.

h/t IGN