New Gotham Photo Definitely Implies Jerome Is Joker


This new photo of Jerome from Gotham looks way too much like the Joker to be coincidence

Ever since Jerome Valeska appeared on Gotham, with that vibrant red hair, and that oh so sinister yet somewhat familiar cackle, people have been theorizing that he’s the Joker.

The cast and crew of the show have danced around the subject, admitting that Jerome is Joker-esque. That he might be a “proto-Joker”, something similar that inspires the actual Joker before the true Clown Prince of Crime comes along. Jerome would set the stage for someone like the Joker to exist in Gotham through things like having a underground cult following like you saw in last week’s episode. But he wasn’t necessarily the Joker.

I’m pretty sure this pic, which Gotham Hub posted on Twitter, is in fact proof that yeah, Jerome is literally the Joker. Check it out below:


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I mean if the green and red hat and extremely pale skin didn’t strike you as Joker-esque, the carnival/funhouse set they seem to be filming on is pretty much Joker’s trademark.

There’s no indication where in the season this takes place, but being that Jerome hasn’t been resurrected quite yet, it could be next week’s episode, or if it’s something being filmed now, it could even be from sometime around the season finale later this year. I could totally see Jerome being resurrected, no longer wanting to go by the name and establish a new identity, that being the Joker. He’ll probably even say something along the lines of “Don’t call me Jerome! That’s not my name anymore! I am… The Joker!”.

It would also fit with Harley Quinn reportedly coming in at the end of the season and being a big part of at least the early goings of season 4 (though note Gotham hasn’t officially been renewed yet). After all, what’s a Joker without his Harley? Tune in to see if any of this guessing based on one photo is correct by watching Gotham Mondays on Fox!