DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: “Raiders Of The Lost Art”


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s post-winter hiatus premiere episode launches the team right into some humorous action and fun homages.

The mid-season premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t miss a beat. The show’s strengths in humor and keen action are on full display, along with some pop culture-imbued storytelling.

Legendary Recap

New York, 6 Months Ago: The Waverider is malfunctioning from the nuclear blast from “Out of Time.” There’s no time for repairs, so Rip retrieves the Spear of Destiny, shuts down Gideon, and touches the time drive.

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In the present, Martin catches Mick talking to himself (the imaginary Leonard). Mick reluctantly comes clean and requests (in his own “kind” way) Martin’s help to rid him of this hallucination.

Nate has given a collective name to Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk, and Malcolm Merlyn. He calls them the “Legion of Doom.” Amaya discovers that both the amulet and the compass are two pieces of the object—creating a medallion.

The medallion was stained with Jesus Christ’s blood along with the spear that pierced him. The two objects will always find each other. Nate deduces that the Legion of Doom is most likely looking for the Spear of Destiny.

In 1967 Los Angeles, Damien and Malcolm search for the Spear. Two bikers who try to rob them are brutally killed. This leaves a time aberration alerting the Legends to the two’s location.

The Legends make their way to 1967 Los Angeles, but Malcolm and Damien get to Rip first. However, Rip doesn’t recognize them. After some hilarious back and forth banter between Rip and the two, the Legends move in to try and save him. In the chaos, Rip is arrested.

Sara forms a plan to break Rip out of jail. It’ll involve Martin posing as a psychologist and claiming that Rip is insane. Though they don’t know how Rip arrived in this time period, they deduce that the Medallion must’ve led Damien and Malcolm to Rip’s location.

Sara, Martin, and Mick gain access to the police station and immediately try and take Rip into custody. Rip’s reluctance and screaming forces Mick to knock him out. As they’re about to leave, Damien and Malcolm arrive and block their escape.

The team moves to the roof to rendezvous with the Waverider. Rip regains consciousness and sees the time ship, at which time he faints in disbelief. The Legends successfully board the Waverider and escape.

Gideon’s scans of Rip’s brain reveal that he isn’t suffering from a case of time drift. His overall neural structure has been changed—giving him a completely different identity. Mick quickly gets a bright idea and proposes that Martin use the scan on him to find the source of his hallucinations.

Ray and Nate are starting to lose memories of their skillsets. Though Ray has a slight familiarity with the name “George Lucas”—Rip’s propmaster—he has no idea why it’s significant. Further research reveals that Lucas was scared away from the film industry after Damien and Malcolm’s earlier attack. Because Lucas would never create the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, both Ray and Nate would never be inspired to go into their professions.

The team finds Lucas leaving school. Ray and Nate’s zealous convincing only frighten Lucas further. Amaya takes the helm and inspires Lucas to consider returning.

Mick’s brain scan reveals an anomaly. Martin theorizes that when the Occulus exploded in “Legendary,” Leonard may have bonded with the resulting energy—creating a time ghost. A device the Time Masters implanted in Mick’s brain during his time as Chronos may be acting as a receiver.

Rip visits his old office on the Waverider. His memories still haven’t returned. However, his memories seem to be manifested in the script he wrote. The Spear of Destiny was inspired by a piece of “useless” wood Rip had (unknown to him that it was actually a piece of the real Spear). That Spear is now with his propmaster—George Lucas.

As quickly as Lucas was inspired, he changes his mind, but Damien and Malcolm have already found them. The two hold Lucas, Amaya, Ray, and Nate at gunpoint, demanding to know where Lucas hid the Spear. Lucas finally breaks, revealing that he threw it away, and it’s at the city dump.

Damien and Malcolm force the team to search through piles of trash. Lucas finds it just as the Waverider arrives and shoots a powerful blast at Damien and Malcolm. On board, Rip wants to help, asking Gideon how his old self would do it.

Because Lucas still has no belief in himself, Ray never creates his ATOM suit or Nate’s serum. As the team pushes the film student to reveal his desire, Lucas declares his wish to be a director. At that moment, Nate regains his Steel abilities and Ray’s ATOM suit materializes.

The Legends, made whole again, are able to retrieve the Spear and the Medallion. However, Eobard arrives, evening the playing field. Rip makes a surprise appearance, English accent and all, but it’s soon revealed to be a ruse, as he hasn’t regained his memories. The Legends make a run for it, but Eobard abducts Rip.

On board, Jax comforts a defeated Sara. He promises that, as a team, they will find Rip and bring him home.

Martin has removed the device in Mick’s head, but the device hasn’t functioned for months. Martin’s only conclusion is that Mick has a form of cognitive dissonance.

Amaya, Ray, and Nate prepare for a George Lucas marathon. A feeling of guilt suddenly overwhelms them. However, Gideon assures them that Rip would want them to enjoy the night.

Rip is at an unknown location where Eobard demands to know the locations of the other pieces of the Spear. Damien and Malcolm soon enter to start Rip’s torture.

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Legendary Moment(s)

  • A young George Lucas screaming that he wants to direct.
  • Though it ended badly, Rip wearing his trench coat and speaking in his English accent was a welcomed sight.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

“Raiders of the Lost Art” will go down as one of the most fun episodes. The show came back from its hiatus without missing a beat. The addition of a young George Lucas and his destiny to inspire two nerds who would become superheroes was a great plotline. In turn, some elements of the Legends must’ve given the young Lucas some ideas, creating a form of circular inspiration.

Rip is back … in body, but not in mind. I think this is a wise choice by the writers. The team will need to earn it. Could the Spear of Destiny play a part in curing Rip of his identity problem? We’ll just have to see. And though the Legion of Doom played their part with much more humor, they still seem like a formidable threat. I’m looking forward to what the rest of the season has to offer.

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