New Gotham Trailer Teases Jerome/Bruce Confrontation


Bruce Wayne & Jerome Valeska will have a defining showdown this Monday on Gotham

Are Jerome and Bruce Wayne destined to do this dance forever? I guess we’ll find out when they have their first real confrontation this Monday on the Winter finale of Gotham. Sure, Jerome held Bruce Wayne hostage once before in the start of season 2, but a lot has changed since then. Jerome’s been dead for one. But also, Bruce has gone through a lot of challenges, mental, physical and emotional and come out showing many signs of the hero he is destined to become.

This is arguably his biggest challenge to date though, as he’s facing a homicidal maniac who is throwing the city of Gotham into complete chaos. And for whatever reason, it seems like this 16 year old kid is the only one who can stop him. A trailer has been released giving a refresher on the events surrounding Jerome up until now and teasing the big confrontation we will see on next week’s episode, check it out below:

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As you can see from the trailer, why they aren’t officially calling Jerome The Joker, they say Jerome is dead a call him a Joker, so yeah, he’s the Joker. This may be the first big confrontation between these two but it’ll hardly be the last as Jerome is set to continue to be a presence throughout the remainder of the season and a big part of season 4 as well. But just about every major confrontation between Batman & Joker left both men irrevocably changed from the encounter, this will probably follow along that same path.  Be sure to tune into the Winter Finale of Gotham, “The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies” this Monday on Fox to find out!