Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke Was Test Footage


Joe Manganiello points out the Deathstroke footage we’ve seen was merely test footage

Comic book fans lost their respective minds when Ben Affleck of all people posted footage online of somebody in Deathstroke armor. Shortly after it was confirmed that Deathstroke was Joe Manganiello and he would be playing Deathstroke in the DC movie universe. It was confirmed that he would be in the upcoming solo Batman film. Though we still don’t know if he will be the main villain, part of pair, or even one of many villains appearing in that movie.

The footage came out while Justice League was still in the middle of being filmed, so a lot of people surmised that it might actually be footage from Justice League. Meaning of course that Deathstroke is in the Justice League movie. Everybody has been pretty silent on whether or not that is the case. Joe Maganiello did clear up one thing though. The footage Ben Affleck posted was merely test footage. Meaning that was specifically filmed just to see how the outfit would look onscreen. The footage itself is not part of any movie:

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So just what does that mean? Well really it doesn’t mean that Deathstroke isn’t in the Justice League film. He could very well be. I could even see a scene where he and Batman are fighting, and Batman has to go because well, aliens are invading and the world is at stake, and he leaves with Deathstroke promising that they aren’t done yet. And it would be a thread that’s picked up in the solo Batman movie whenever that does come out (hopefully in 2018). I don’t see Deathstroke having a big part in a movie where the whole world is at stake though, so it wouldn’t be more than a cameo I’d think. We’ll find out when Justice League comes out November 17th.

h/t Batman-News