Watchmen Easter Egg In Batman v Superman


The Watchmen pop up in a place you might never suspect in Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman has come and gone in theaters and been on video for months now. It’s a comic book movie filled with Easter eggs and subtle references. And the most obsessive fans have poured over these for months. So you’d think all of those have been found awhile ago. But it appears one of the most subtle ones in the film wasn’t found until a few days ago, and it involves The Watchmen.

Obviously Zack Snyder is a big fan of Watchmen. He made a movie about them, which to his credit though it’s plagued with issues, is probably the closest you are ever going to get to a comic accurate version on the big screen. It’s style is evident throughout Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman and though Justice League is supposed to be a lighter film, it will probably be in that in at least some for as well.

Sure, Snyder cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played The Comedian in Watchmen, as Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman, but were there any other references we missed? Yup. Turns out that in the apartment Lois Lane and Clark Kent share, there is a copy of the Watchmen graphic novel, you can see it right under the lamp, it’s the book with the yellow text:

Warner Bros

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It’s likely nothing that is meant to stand out in a movie filled with references to the future of its universe. That being said, obviously the Watchmen being a big part of DC Rebirth leads some to think this means the Watchmen could be in the movie universe. But I seriously doubt that was at least the plan at the time. In the future however, who knows?

h/t Heroic Hollywood