Another Batman v Superman Easter Egg Spotted


It’s another blink and you’ll miss it Easter Egg found in Batman v Superman

People have been scouring Batman v Superman since it’s release for all the references and subtle Easter Eggs. Some might be a reference to the larger world of the DC Extended Universe, something that might even come into play in later films. Others are just thrown in there for fun (gee, if only they had managed to throw some of that fun into the actual film itself), sometimes acknowledging crew or influences on the film. This newest one definitely falls into the latter category.

There’s a scene in which Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) is handing out an invitation to a party to Clark Kent (that would be the one where he proves just how good a reporter he is by not knowing who Bruce Wayne, one of the richest and most influential people in the world is). There’s virtually no way you’d notice this particular Easter Egg just by watching the scene, but somebody noticed a very particular name in the background. Check out the pic right here, the name should be instantly familiar to anyone who watches current DC animated films:

Warner Bros

So that’s Jay Olivia. And if you watch much of DC animation, his name is all over that corner of the DC media empire. He’s directed multiple episodes of Young Justice, storyboarded tons of DC animated films, directed several himself including the upcoming Justice League Dark. He’s also done storyboarding for Ant-Man, Deadpool, Man of Steel & Batman v Superman. Basically Jay Olivia’s work informs a ton of the comic content you see on both the big and small screen. He’s long overdue for a shout-out like this.

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I feel like this was still a missed opportunity though. Jay Olivia is a sportswriter? They had a whole dumb running gag where Perry keeps telling Clark to cover a local football team. He could have at least said something like “Isn’t that Olivia’s job? He’s our sportswriter” and Perry would say some excuse as to why he couldn’t do it and why he wants Clark to. Wonder if all the Batman v  Superman Easter eggs have been found at this point? They seem to keep popping up…

h/t Comicbook.Com