Injustice 2: Lots Of Beta Footage


See Batman v Superman, Supergirl v Atrocitus and more in this Injustice 2 beta footage!

Injustice 2, the DC comics brawler featuring all your favorite superheroes and villains, is still several months from coming out. But there is a limited beta of the game going on right now. Maybe you’ve gotten a beta invite and are playing it right now. Lucky son of a gun. If you haven’t gotten an invite yet, just remember they are being sent out in waves, so it doesn’t mean you won’t get one. Keep refreshing that email and see if you’ve gotten in.

In the meantime, we do have some footage of the beta in action for you to check out. The beta for Injustice 2 features four characters. There is Batman & Superman, who were in the first game and might give you a good idea of how much returning characters might have changed. And there are two of the new characters with Superman’s cousin Supergirl and Red Lantern Atrocitus. Check out some video footage of these DC heavyweights brawling it out below:

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I do kind of wish they had gone with all new characters for the beta. I’m much more excited for newer characters at the moment than returning ones. My favorite part of the Injustice series might be the contextual dialogue. It’s fantastic that characters have very specific reactions to others, both in intros and in clashes. I hope they do that with the DLC characters as well. It would be kind of lame if everybody had roughly the same generic reaction to someone like say Darkseid, who is a pre-order bonus and not part of the story. Again, keep checking your emails for those beta invites because they are still being periodically sent out. Injustice 2 is due out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, & mobile platforms May 16th.