Justice League: Superman Will Have A Big Part


Superman will show up and Justice League, but to what extent?

Justice League is coming later this year. But we know one big part of the team will already be absent when the movie starts. Superman died at the end of Batman v Superman, so it’s up to Batman and Wonder Woman to recruit the rest of the world’s strongest heroes to face whatever Steppenwolf (and probably to some extent Darkseid) are planning.

It isn’t really a spoiler that Superman is coming back from the dead and will help the Justice League defeat Steppenwolf by the end of the film. We know Henry Cavill is in the movie.

But how? Does he just break out of his grave at some random point, being given enough time to rest and recover? Does Batman use some weird device or experiment to bring him back because the team he’s assembled just isn’t enough and he needs the Man Of Steel to save the world? Does Bruce just through Clark in a Lazarus Pit and hope for the best?

Another question that raises is just how much is Superman in the film? Does he show up just in the last ten minutes? Does he just come back right at the beginning? Well, talking recently with Empire magazine all about the movie, director Zack Snyder gave a sort of cryptic answer that Superman would have a big role in the film:

"Superman does play a big part in this movie. His presence and lack of presence, they’re big story points."

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Yeah, that sounds super vague. I mean I get his lack of presence should be a factor, after all why would we care if Superman comes back if the League as is can handle whatever is going on? But that essentially means what is probably going to happen before Supes can return is the League assembling, trying to stop Steppenwolf and failing so miserably they realize they need the last son of Krypton. So that could literally lead up to the last 30 or 20 minutes of the film. We’ll find out when Justice League comes to theaters later this year, November 17th.

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