Adam West Pimps Wayne Security In New Powerless Promo


TV’s one and only live-action Batman promotes the team trying to keep you safe at Wayne Security in this Powerless promo

DC’s next big hit TV series is almost here! At least we hope it’s a hit. Especially since Powerless is a comedic take on the superhero genre, which while it can have a little fun definitely can also take itself far too seriously at times.

We know Powerless takes place at Wayne Security, a division of Wayne Enterprises. We know that Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Van Wayne, has been placed in charge of the company. It’s a company that develops technologies to save ordinary citizens from heroic-size catastrophes. Their most well-known invention seems to be the Joker Venom Anti-Toxin, but they’ve been coasting off that one idea for awhile now.

But is Bruce Wayne involved at all? Or will we ever see Batman? Well, this promo gives me a little hope that we might see at least one dude who has played the Caped Crusader on Powerless. In this new promo for the show, none other than TV’s own Batman, Adam West is the narrator. It doesn’t really show anything in the way of new footage, but it’s still pretty fun. Check it out below:

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So could Adam West actually appear on the show? Obviously not as Batman or Bruce Wayne, but it could just be a cameo role, or something fun that’s recurring. Maybe he could be the scientist that developed the Joker toxin. It would be a fun nod and of course a way to have Batman on the show without actually having Batman on the show. It would also be cool if they could at least get other TV Batmen to cameo like Kevin Conroy and Diedrich Bader assuming the show survives more than a few episodes. Powerless debuts this Thursday February 2nd on NBC.

h/t Comicbook.Com