Gotham: Jerome Might Not Have An Endgame


Jerome might just be playing it by ear as he unleashes chaos on Gotham

Jerome has unleashed chaos on Gotham. Whether it’s through his cult and other citizens going nuts in the streets or actually plunging the city into darkness by blowing up the power plant.

But what is Jerome’s goal? Is it to turn Gotham into his own psychotic playground? Kill Bruce Wayne? Run a carnival? Maybe yes to all of the above and more. As Cameron Monaghan, who plays the maybe most likely future Joker on the show explains, Jerome doesn’t necessarily have a real endgame in mind and teased the climax of tonight’s episode on the city as a whole:

"I don’t know if Jerome needs an endgame. What’s great about him is how he lives in the moment in such a strange way. His version of fun comes from this misery and destruction that he brings around him. He’s able to do it on a larger and larger stage each time. Right now, what’s propelling him is his desire to do that. As the story goes on, he’s going to need to gain a more distinct focus with his targets. He’s kind of found that now in Bruce. He had that a bit with Gordon, and he might continue to down the road. He really sees Bruce as an adversary he loves torturing and trying to corrupt. Ultimately, he’s trying to corrupt everyone. His goal is to bring out that level of violence he feels within himself."

"We have a climax that is on a scale that I’m not sure has ever been on the show before. It’s extremely ambitious. It’s a gamble. Fingers crossed they pull it off. It’s a really exciting moment for the show. The fact I had the opportunity to be part of it is special. I can’t wait for people to see it."

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Find out if Jerome indeed has some sort of plan and how it all goes down and the impact it will have on both Bruce Wayne and the city on tonight’s episode of Gotham on Fox!

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