Lego Batman Movie Is What Happens After Credits Roll


Chris McKay talks about the premise of the Lego Batman Movie and how it’ll be different from smash hit The Lego Movie

Well January’s pretty much done which means we are just a little over a week away from the first superhero movie of 2017, The Lego Batman Movie. The Lego Batman Movie is a sort of follow-up/spin-off from the excellent Lego Movie from three years ago. But don’t expect it to be just the same thing again. It’ll still try to be funny and subversive and filled with pop culture references (and of course a ton of obscure Batman references) like the Lego Movie, but it’ll definitely be its own thing.

We’ve all seen many times Batman perform incredible heroic acts and save the city of Gotham numerous times. But what happens in-between those? What happens after those credits role? That’s where the idea for the Lego Batman Movie springs from as director Chris McKay explained in an interview with Brick Fanatics:

"The first movie was kind of like The Matrix. It was the hero’s journey, Matrix type movie. We want each of these LEGO movies to feel different, and when you look at all of the Batman movies there is at least one action sequence, something you remember that’s a very visceral cinematic thing.It was also important to me that the beginning of this movie feel like the end of the third act of somebody else’s Batman movie. Because the idea was that you’d have this big thing, this big epic action scene and have a lot of fun, with all of these characters in this world – then you’d follow Batman. What happens when Christopher Nolan’s movie ends, when the credits roll? Batman’s having to go home, check his mail, eat food, all that kind of thing. It helps people understand that we’re trying to look at Batman’s real problem. This is the only kind of movie that can attack Batman’s central problem, the fact that he’s got a hole in his life and is afraid to let people in.So it felt like that was the way to do it. The action scene was both fun for me, I wanted to do something that was thrilling like that, and at the same time it was to contrast with that we’re now going to peek behind the scenes and see what it’s like being Batman."

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It’s a great premise for a comedy about the Caped Crusader, but in reality Batman has this weird duality where he’s a crazy loner who also has a large amount of adopted family and friends, is an important member of multiple super-hero teams, etc. Nevertheless it should be a fun exploration of that aspect of the Dark Knight and I can’t wait to see The Lego Batman Movie in theaters February 10th.