Preview: Man-Thing #1 From Marvel Comics


Marvel Comics has released a preview of the first issue of Man-Thing, a new 5-issue miniseries launching this coming March.

To many comic book fans, Man-Thing has always been considered a poor man’s version of DC’s classic character Swamp Thing. And to be sure, Man-Thing has never had the pedigree Swamp Thing has had. The original run by Steve Gerber published in the early 1970s is fondly remembered by many readers, but since then the character has been considered C-List at best.

The last time Man-Thing appeared in the Marvel Universe was as a member of the Thunderbolts and later the Dark Avengers. Since then, no one has really noticed that Man-Thing has been AWOL.

This March Marvel is looking to change all that. And they are bringing on board none other than R.L. Stine to help.

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For those who may not know, Stine is the creator of the world-famous Goosebumps line of horror novels aimed at teens and young adults. He will be joined by artist German Peralta as well as a long list of upcoming young artists.

As a bonus, you also get a second scare for your money. Stine will work with artist Daniel Warren Johnson on a second seafaring tale in each issue.

Man-Thing #1 Preview

From the Marvel solicitation:

"Attempting to recreate the formula that produced Captain America, biochemist Ted Sallis was transformed into the shambling creature known only as MAN-THING! Now, having recently regained his ability to speak, Man-Thing sets out on a journey to leave the swamp once and for all. But when an ancient and mysterious danger threatens reality, he will have to choose between his new life and the place he once called home!"

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Man-Thing #1 (of 5) will go on sale March 8, 2017 and will feature a cover by Tyler Cook as well as variant covers by Billy Martin, Francesco Francavilla, John Tyler Christopher, Ron Lim and a special Venomized cover by Stephanie Hans.