Preview: Harbinger Renegade #4 From Valiant


Valiant Comics has released a preview of the upcoming Harbinger Renegade #4 by Rafer Roberts and Darick Robertson.

In case you missed the memo, this is a pretty awesome time to be a fan of Valiant Comics.

The company is firing on all cylinders currently, putting out a slate of titles that knocks the socks off everyone who reads them. From the original concept Divinity to breakout star Faith to the upcoming return of Secret Weapons, Valiant is showing everyone that a comic doesn’t need to come from DC or Marvel to kick some serious ass.

Oh. There’s also the impending return of Valiant’s flagship character X-O Manowar in a brand new ongoing series.

Yep. Definitely a great time to be a Valiant fan.

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One of the other new titles that has fans very excited is Harbinger Renegade. The title is laying the groundwork for the upcoming Harbinger Wars 2 event coming in 2018. Written by Rafer Roberts with art by Darick Robertson, the series follows a teenage team of psiots as they deal with the arrival of Valiant’s next great villain Alexander Solomon.

On sale this month, Harbinger Renegade #4 brings the title’s first arc to a conclusion as Roberts and Robertson are joined by artist Juan Jose Ryp. In addition, the book includes the fourth of four mail-away coupons to get the exclusive Harbinger Wars 2 #0.

Talk about old school.

From the Valiant solicitation:

"Faith Herbert, the heart and soul of the Harbinger Renegades, has been captured! Now, Peter Stanchek, Kris Hathaway, and John Torkelson must put their powers to practice and rescue their beloved ally from a radicalized group of psiots bent on fraying the fabric of society. But as the rechristened Renegades make their move, their newfound rivals strike first by making Peter an offer he can’t refuse. As the clock ticks closer to tragedy, will the omega-level harbinger make a do-or-die decision to save his friends… or himself?"

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Harbinger: Renegade #4 goes on sale February 22, 2017 with covers by Robertson, Dave Johnson and Monika Palosz. It also includes variant covers by David Lafuente, Cryssy Cheung and Jim Mahfood.