Funko Marvel Collector Corps: February 2017 “Superhero Showdowns” Unboxing

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The Details!

Collector Corps “Superhero Showdowns” Patch and Pin

The patch is colorful and, due to the nature of the two characters, angular and geometric. It’s a face-off of tech versus tech. Iron Man and Ultron go head-to-head on this colorful patch. It’s definitely sleekly designed and eye-catching.

The pin is almost an homage to the classic 1970s Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno The Incredible Hulk. For those of you who are too young to know what I’m talking about, the last scene in the series’ intro shows David Banner taking a sigh. As he looks up, his image splits, with one side showing an enraged Hulk.

Screen Capture from The Incredible Hulk

This pin is simple, but shows a lot of layers—just like the Hulk’s colorful history and equally colorful psyche.

Collector Corps “Superhero Showdowns” Packing Slip

The packing slip gives us a great visual synopsis of how Funko created this month’s box. It’s fun to see the figures in their original bare, unpainted forms. It’s also fascinating to see the design work and how they planned every pose and look.

The back of the packing slip shows the next Collector Corps box which will be released in April 2017. Is it a surprise that it’s going to be themed after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? I’m sure it’ll be an amazing box, and I can’t wait!

Collector Corps Inhumans vs X-Men #001 Variant Edition Comic Book

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

The Inhumans vs X-Men #001 variant edition comic book shows one of the most intense of rivalries—Wolverine versus Sabertooth. The art seems to be a mix of photography and illustration—with actual Pop! figures of the characters against a drawn wilderness backdrop.

Collector Corps “Spidey vs Goblin” T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Steve Lam

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin go at it in Funko’s “Spidey vs Goblin” t-shirt. The t-shirt is made of a brushed cotton, so it’s very soft. The overall design mimics a Silver Age comic book cover with the illustration purposely looking a bit faded. The muted vintage yellow of the design is a nice contrast to the t-shirt’s navy blue.

Collector Corps “Captain America” and “Red Skull” Pint Size Heroes Figures

Next, we get two Pint Size Heroes of one of the oldest comic book rivalries of all—Captain America vs Red Skull (by the way, he’s sorely missed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). We reviewed some Pint Size Heroes from DC and Marvel late last year, and they were definitely a fun addition to Funko’s existing line of collectibles.

The figures are simple and straightforward, and very humorous might I add. As quirky as the Red Skull looks in this form, he still seems like a threat. And Captain America still looks as heroic as ever. I’m looking forward to more Pint Size Heroes from Funko.

Collector Corps “Bullseye/Daredevil” Pop! Figures

As I originally promised, we get a callback to the box’s cover art—both Daredevil and Bullseye Pop! figures! As a nitpicky Daredevil fan, I’m not sure why Bullseye got top-billing here. It’s probably due to the figure’s placement on the left side. Hey, don’t take my rantings too seriously. I also complained about Superman not getting top-billing in the title “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Think of my complaints as musings from a die-hard fan of those characters.

But does that take away from the awesomeness of these Pop! figures? Definitely not! Daredevil is in his Shadowlands all-black costume, looking as powerful as ever. And Bullseye is ready to target his rival. I love these Funko Pop! pair-ups!

The box is also keenly designed with custom-labeled windows for each respective figure. There’s no need to take them out, as they’re appropriately posed already.