James McAvoy Confirms He Will Appear In Another X-Men Film


With the future of the X-Men movie franchise in a state of flux, James McAvoy confirms he will be in at least one more movie.

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With shared cinematic universes all the rage in Hollywood and the superhero genre apparently getting ready to hit its zenith, the venerable X-Men franchise is at something of a crossroads.

Hugh Jackman has made it clear that after Logan, he is done playing Wolverine (maybe). The last movie in the series, X-Men: Apocalypse, didn’t fare exceptionally well at the domestic box office. All the core cast members from the First Class Trilogy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, have reached the end of their contracts.

Despite that, 20th Century Fox seems intent on continuing the franchise in some form. Rumors still abound that the next film in the series, X-Men: Supernova, will attempt to retell the Dark Phoenix Saga in a way that doesn’t suck as much as X-Men: The Last Stand. Deadpool 2 is getting ready to begin production with an X-Force film to follow. And New Mutants, written and directed by Josh Boone, is apparently in pre-production as we speak.

Now it seems that at least one actor has revealed that he is ready to return to the world of Marvel’s mutants.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, McAvoy, who has played Professor Xavier in the three First Class films, seems to indicate that he is returning to the role at least one more time.

That is McAvoy having a bite to eat with X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, who is essentially the Fox version of the MCU’s Kevin Feige.

And it would appear from the text that McAvoy is getting ready to make another X-Men movie. The big question is which one?

Of the projects currently in some form of production, I would have to guess that it’s New Mutants. It has already been rumored that McAvoy would be making some kind of appearance in the film and having Xavier in the movie makes a ton of sense. Having him show up in the Deadpool sequel seems kind of odd and X-Men: Supernova is still nothing but rumors and speculation at this point.

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Knowing that McAvoy is willing to return to the role of Xavier is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. It means there is still a chance that Lawrence and Fassbender could also be convinced to return to the franchise. And if Fox wants to get the X-Men Cinematic Universe humming like the successful MCU and not having it impersonate the train wreck that is the DC Extended Universe, consistency will be key.

As more information becomes available, you’ll hear about it right hear on Bam Smack Pow.