Unboxing: Jada Toys Metals Die Cast “Batmobile & Batman” Collectibles

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Metals Die Cast: “Batman v Superman Batmobile & Batman”

After the Dark Knight goes up against Lex Luthor’s mercenaries, he comes face-to-face with the Man of Steel. As impressive as the Batmobile is, it’s still no match for Superman’s strength. Though it was critically damaged, we still have to remind ourselves of the harrowing chase and battle scene it performed just a few minutes before.

The first live-action feature film to officially feature both Superman and Batman may have been critically slammed, but this collectible should receive praise.

Keen-eyed observers and those who frequent this blog will know that this is the same Batmobile that was released in 2016 which required assembly on the collector’s part. The Batmobile here is already pre-assembled and has the same interactive parts (split canopy). Nonetheless, it’s still a very impressive model, and a very high quality one.

Ben Affleck’s muscled-out Batman is shown with the short-eared cowl and classic grey suit that was seen in the film. The accuracy of the figure almost makes me hear the words “Do you bleed?”

The “Batman v Superman Batmobile & Batman” collectible captures the dark mood of the 2016 film. Like the previous “Batmobile & Batman” models, this one is filled to the brim with details and is something every avid DC fan should have.