New Creative Team For Old Man Logan Announced


Marvel has announced that Ed Brisson and Mike Deodato Jr. will be taking over Old Man Logan with issue #25.

I think everyone would agree that while 2015’s Secret Wars from Marvel was a very good event unto itself, the bulk of the tie-ins missed the mark completely. Most had less than nothing to do with the main book and added zero to the overall reading experience.

That said, Old Man Logan was the exception that proved the rule.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with artwork by Andrea Sorrentino, the series managed to pay homage to the original source material (that being the Mark Millar and Steve McNiven storyline from 2008) and also worked as part of the overall Secret Wars storyline.

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The title proved so popular that Old Man Logan moved to the new Earth Prime and relaunched as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel with Jeff Lemire joining Sorrentino on an ongoing title. The book has been a solid hit for Marvel and will be one of the few X-Men-related titles to continue past the Inhumans vs. X-Men event.

However, it will be continuing with a brand new creative team.

Marvel has announced that writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Deodato Jr. will be taking over Old Man Logan with issue #25. And they are bringing not only The Maestro but the Hulk Gang from the original Old Man Logan storyline with them.

Brisson spoke to Gamespot about joining Old Man Logan and said writing Wolverine is like a dream come true for a lifelong fan.

"I’m thrilled to be writing Logan. Growing up, I had a Wolverine poster on my wall. As a kid, I won a contest at my local comic shop for a drawing I’d done of Wolverine. I’m a lifelong fan. He’s one of my bucket list characters. Plus, I’m Canadian and Wolverine is our national hero.Old Man Logan is, to me, probably the most interesting incarnation of Logan. His struggle with what he’s done (he killed the X-Men!) and what he’s lost (his wife and two children) is an intense one. Even though he’s now got the X-Men back in this timeline, that doesn’t change what he did to them in his. That’s got to leave him with serious PTSD, which isn’t something that goes away. And, there are those differences that keep popping up to remind him that this isn’t his world, even if he’s trying to make it his home."

What I find most amazing about this announcement is the fact that Old Man Logan is going to be continuing with its numbering untouched.

Over the last few years it felt like Marvel would use any excuse to renumber a title, with a new creative team the most common reason. With most of the X-Men line of books getting shiny new number ones, this would have been the perfect opportunity to relaunch Old Man Logan. But instead, the numbering is continuing with #25.

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A sign maybe Marvel has learned their lesson and is going to stop the incessant relaunches and renumberings?

We can only hope.

Old Man Logan #25 goes on sale in June.