Marvel Announces Edge Of Venomverse Miniseries


Marvel has announced that Venom will be getting a new miniseries that will bring readers to the Edge of the Venomverse.

I always found it a bit of a shame that Marvel decided to turn Venom into some kind of bizarre anti-hero. We have the Punisher, so we really need a Spider-Man knock-off that kills people?

When Venom and his alter-ego Eddie Brock was introduced back in Amazing Spider-Man #300, he was the perfect arch-villain for Spidey. Same powers, a whole lot stronger and used the visually stunning black costume. Perfect, right?

Only someone thought Venom would make for a better hero and it was all downhill from there.

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Numerous people, including Flash Thompson at one point, have bonded with the symbiote to varying degrees of sales and creative success. It was just revealed by Marvel that Eddie Brock would be re-joining with the Venom symbiote and the Venom series would get renumbered to #150 because that’s just how Marvel math works.

Now Marvel has announced that we will also be getting a new miniseries this June titled Edge of the Venomverse.


Yes, that’s right. All those characters that are going to be featured on those “venomized” variant covers this month will be getting their very own miniseries. Why Marvel felt this was necessary is still a mystery to me, but we’re getting one anyway.

From the Marvel press release:

"Kicking off this June, EDGE OF VENOMVERSE unleashes sinister symbiotes across the Marvel Universe, wreaking untold havoc and wanton destruction! Featuring some of the most popular characters from March’s Venomized Variant Program, this in-continuity series brings you deadly new Venom combinations, giving fans dream matchups from some of comics’ hottest creators! The Marvel Universe is about to play host to an army of Venomized heroes…but whose side will they be on?!  Look for more information, including characters and creators to be revealed soon! EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1 explodes into comic shops everywhere this June!"

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At this point Marvel hasn’t announced who will be working on the miniseries or if it will tie into the ongoing Venom series. As more information is released you can read all about it right here on Bam Smack Pow.