Patty Jenkins Already Has Ideas For Wonder Woman Sequels


In a recent interview, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins talked about how she already has ideas for what to do with the character next.

If you work for Warner Bros. and have anything at all to do with the DC Extended Universe, it’s a safe bet you have an awful lot riding on the Wonder Woman feature film.

Why, you may ask? Because the whole future of the DCEU may be riding on the shoulders of the Amazonian Warrior and if moviegoers will enjoy watching her kick ass.

It goes without saying that the whole DCEU project has not exactly gone as planned for Warner Bros. Both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad made a lot of money, but were savaged by both critics and fans. Rumors abound that The Batman, Ben Affleck’s turn as the Dark Knight is in serious trouble and the buzz around Justice League, which arrives later this year, has not been as off the chart as the studio would like.

Which means that if the DCEU has any hope of catching the runaway money making train that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman has to be a success with both moviegoers and critics.

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Much of the responsibility for that will rest with star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins. Thus far fans have embraced Gadot as Diana and enjoyed what they have seen in the trailers. But can Jenkins escape the pitfalls her predecessors Zack Snyder and David Ayer have fallen into?

We will have to wait and see. But for her part, Jenkins sounds like she’s ready to make more Wonder Woman films given the chance.

Jenkins recently spoke with the folks at Screen Rant and when asked about further developing Wonder Woman, Jenkins sure sounds like someone with an idea or two for a sequel.

"[There are] many, many things I can’t wait to do with her. She’s got a lot of shades that I really really like. I think whatever we get to do with her in the future, the great thing is this is the way to start."

The big question is if Jenkins will get that chance. While I don’t think Wonder Woman is expected to do Star Wars-type numbers, the film is rumored to have cost somewhere between $100-$120 million to produce. Unless it can make enough to get in the black, a sequel might not happen.

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More importantly, Wonder Woman needs to be a hit with critics. Another critical disaster like Dawn of Justice and Warner Bros. will no doubt look elsewhere if a sequel does come about down the road.

Wonder Woman opens everywhere on June 2, 2017.