The Flash Season 3, Episode 15 Recap: “The Wrath Of Savitar”


Wally West is being haunted by Savitar, which means the God of Speed is plotting his return. Can The Flash stop Savitar before he escapes from the Speed Force?

What better way to begin an episode of The Flash than by showing our three heroic speedsters (Flash, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick) in a race together. #TeamFlash is still in the process of getting Kid Flash to increase his speed to save Iris West in the future. The outcome sees Kid Flash clock in at 0.21 seconds, which is fast enough to theoretically rescue Iris from Savitar.

Julian Albert is back in town and pays a visit to S.T.A.R. Labs, which leads to an awkward exchange between him and Caitlin Snow. Everyone has been summoned by Barry Allen and Iris for a special announcement: they’re engaged! The news leaves Joe West speechless. He asks Barry why he didn’t ask for his permission before proposing, citing how he asked Francine’s father previously.

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Wally lets the two men know of a fire emergency in Central City, and since Jesse Quick is fascinated by the wedding news, it’s up to Barry and Wally to save the day. As the Flash and Kid Flash arrive, Wally is tossed around by Savitar, who only he can see. When Barry asks what is wrong, Wally finally reveals that Savitar is attacking him.

Barry is furious that Wally withheld vital information regarding Savitar. So mad, in fact, that Barry believes Savitar could be spying on the group through Wally. The team devises a plan to summon Savitar through Julian, who is a former pawn of the villain. However, Julian isn’t down for being used as a puppet. Some smooth convincing, and a kiss from Caitlin, quickly changes his mind.

Once Savitar inhabits Julian’s body, he goes on an evil rant threatening everyone and alluding to the Sorcerer’s Stone not being gone. In order to find out if the stone is really lost, they decide to track down former acolytes of Savitar at Mount Buccellato. The name “Buccellato” is an Easter Egg for a comic book creator named Brian Buccellato, who used to write The Flash for DC Comics. The Flash takes out the acolytes and retrieves an empty box for the stone.

This box was originally tossed into the Speed Force along with the Sorcerer’s Stone. If the box is back, the stone could be as well. Wally is back training to increase his speed. HR thinks the reason Wally is slower is because he’s thinking too much. The two come up with a plan to vibe Wally to the future so he can see how Iris dies. While in the future, Wally notices Iris doesn’t have her engagement ring on. Wally confronts Barry about this, and the truth comes out: he only proposed to Iris to change the future.

Remember the fuss over the Sorcerer’s Stone? It turns out Caitlin has it after all. Well, not the whole stone, but a small piece of it. She was hoping to use the stone to rid herself of her Killer Frost powers. #TeamFlash decides to channel Savitar through Julian again so they can get a lead on his location. The plan works, but Savitar hits are popping up all over Central City.

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Wally is starting to doubt himself. He tells Jesse that while she gained her powers from an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs, he got his from Savitar. He then sees his dead mother and begins speaking to her. It’s really Savitar, but Wally hasn’t figured it out yet. Francine tells Wally he’ll never be fast enough to save his friends and family. This sends Wally off to prove her wrong.

We catch back up with the fallout from Barry’s proposal to Iris. She considers their relationship to be tainted now after learning the real reasoning behind giving her the ring.

Savitar is stuck in the Speed Force, which is why only speedsters can see him. He needs the entire stone to escape. Unfortunately, Wally stole the last piece to toss it into the Speed Force, thinking it will trap the villain forever. What ends up happening is this allows Savitar to escape, but not before trapping Wally in his place. The only thing left behind is shards of Kid Flash’s suit.

Savitar tells Flash that he was created because of Flashpoint. He learned of Kid Flash’s creation in that universe and did the same in our world to herald his escape. The Flash and Savitar have their most intense fight yet, and it ends with Savitar stabbing Flash in the shoulder area. Luckily, the Scarlet Speedster is able to chop off the fragment with his vibrating wrist.

The episode concludes with everyone sad, Wally lost, and Savitar on the loose.

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The most spectacular portion of “Wrath of Savitar” was the throwdown between Savitar and The Flash. Barry Allen took it to the God of Speed, but his antagonist was too much for him to handle. And what will happen to Wally West while he’s stuck in the Speed Force?

Closing Thoughts

How much longer until we find out the true identity of Savitar? There are numerous theories that he’s either Barry Allen or Wally West. My money is on Barry from the future. At some point, one of these speedster villains of the season has to be an alternate version of The Flash right?