DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 14 Recap: “Moonshot”


This week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the team intercepts the Apollo 13 mission to retrieve the final piece of the Spear of Destiny.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow takes a historical trip into space where they intercept the Apollo 13 mission to find the Spear of Destiny. The episode moves at a brisk pace and sees some emotional and unexpected turns.

Legendary Recap

In a flashback, Rip takes Henry, Commander Steel, to 1956 Manhattan. Henry’s mission: find a way to protect the Spear of Destiny. Henry is worried about his family. He gives Rip his dog tags to pass on to Hank, Jr., Henry’s son.

Present day Rip and the Legends come onto the scene just as past Henry and Rip leave. They can’t find Henry anywhere. He’s really good at disappearing. Based on Henry’s existing skills, the team believes he may have joined NASA. They’re correct and find him in 1970 NASA.

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Rip finds Henry, but is quickly greeted with a punch. Amaya, Nate, and Sara soon join the rest of the team and Henry in an interrogation room. They brief Henry on the Spear. He’s not worried because he hid it on the moon—in Neil Armstrong’s famous American Flag. However, there’s now a time aberration—the Apollo 13 mission never had a problem.

On board the Apollo 13, Eobard Thawne is revealed to be one of the astronauts in disguise. He quickly renders everyone unconscious. Henry introduces Martin, Jax, and Mick as British flight controllers so they can monitor the mission. The team uses a 17-minute radio silence to complete their mission.

Ray enters the Apollo 13, but is quickly discovered by Eobard, who can’t use his speed due to a lack of gravity. The two fight and end up launching the moon lander. Martin and Mick need more time as the 17 minutes is coming up. Martin does an impromptu, hilarious performance of “Day-O” to create a distraction.

The moon lander is near the Sea of Tranquility. The Waverider’s attempts to save the command module lead the team into a meteor belt where the ship is critically damaged. They now have no way of getting to Ray.

Ray moves forward with the main mission and retrieves the final fragment of the Spear from the flag. Back in the lander, Eobard proposes a temporary alliance, something that can benefit them both in getting off the moon. Ray is reluctant, but eventually agrees.

Amaya speaks to Henry and Nate. She tells Nate that he can’t go back to 1956 and “fix” things. Nate’s character is due to his father being distant, which stems from Henry being absent. Henry agrees with Amaya. An angered Nate confronts Amaya and purposely reveals her destiny—asking her if she would stop it if given the chance.

Henry visits Rip and apologizes for the punch and the ongoing tension. Henry harbored a hatred for Rip because of the mission—taking him away from his family. After finding out that Rip also lost a family, Henry is now more understanding.

The moon lander launches and the Waverider positions the command module, allowing the lander and the module to connect. As the ship drags Apollo 13 back on track, Jax returns the radio feed, with flight control oblivious to what had happened. Martin is extremely worried—the Waverider’s damage could strand the team.

Eobard is thrown into the ship’s brig the second he enters. Martin instructs Sara on how to safely allow the Waverider to reenter Earth’s atmosphere. A teenager soon enters the flight control room, claiming to have won a contest—it’s Hank, Jr., and it was Henry who rigged an essay writing contest so that he could meet his son.

Martin needs a supercomputer to perform his calculations. Ray knows one—Eobard, who gives him 38 degrees as a reentry angle. No one trusts Eobard, but Rip looks towards Sara, cementing that she is captain. Sara makes a call: she trusts Ray’s assessment. The team prepares for reentry.

Without thrust, they need to blow the cargo bay doors in order to angle the Waverider. Henry volunteers and locks himself in the cargo bay. Nate arrives and pleads to his grandfather. Henry asks Nate to give one last message to Hank. As the cargo bay doors open, Henry is sucked out, aligning the ship into the correct angle. Nata cries in Amaya’s arms.

Eobard phases through his cell, but Ray confronts him. Ray has figured out that Eobard is a time remnant. Suddenly, Eobard’s Black Flash alarm sounds, signaling him to quickly speed out of the area.

Nate meets with Hank, Jr. and talks to him about his father. Rip talks to Sara and admits to her that she’s a better captain than he ever was. Rip is now figuring out his place on the team. Sara reminds him that he’s a misfit, an outcast—which makes him a Legend.

Nate tells Amaya that Henry would’ve thrown himself off the ship to save everyone regardless if he knew his fate. He apologizes for revealing Amaya’s future.

Later, Amaya has Gideon show her everything that happens in her timeline when she returns. Images of her village’s devastation and the present day Vixen are shown—a signal that Amaya may try to change her destiny.

Legendary Moment(s)

  • Martin singing “Day-O”
  • Martin singing “Day-O,” and that’s not an editing error. This is so legendary and hilarious that it had to be listed twice.
  • Mick joining in with Martin and then commenting, “Nice voice, Professor.”

Thoughts for Tomorrow

With all that talk about affecting the timeline on Legends of tomorrow, the team seemed pretty lax in letting Nate speak to Hank, Jr. Wouldn’t this interaction alter the future? I mean, Martin speaking with his younger self about love caused a Lily to come into existence.

And we definitely know where Legends of Tomorrow‘s storyline is headed. Other than the Spear of Destiny, Amaya may try to change her future. After discovering what happens to her village, daughter, and granddaughter, you can bet that Amaya won’t be watching from the sidelines.

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